Heads of Huangshan Government surveyed Huangshan Shenjian

Mr. Ren Zefeng, Secretary of CPC Huangshan municipal committee, Mr. Zhou Tianwei, Secretary-general of standing committee of CPC Huangshan municipal committee and Mr. Liu Guang, vice mayor of Huangshan City visited Huangshan Shenjian and surveyed on major projects on Sept. 30, 2017, accompanied by Mr. Wang Henglai, Secretary of district committee, Mr. Zhang Wei, acting district mayor, Mr. Cheng Chaosheng, member of district standing committee and director of development zone, and Mr. Wang Zhihong, genral manager of Huangshan Shenjian.

Mr. Ren highly affirms fast construction speed, high quality, esp. the focus and investment on EHS of Shenjian’s third phase project, and hopes it will be finished  to release production capacity and bring benefits for the company and society as soon as possible.

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