2019 New Year Party & Excellent Staff Awarding

On January 28, 2019, the New Year Party and excellent staff awarding were grandly celebrated in Wuhu Hanjue Yangming Hotel on the theme of “Keep improving and show originality”. All Shenjian staff, including the retired, gathered together to talk about the past performance and the expecting future, and share the joy of the Chinese Spring Festival.

The party was started with the awarding of the excellent staff. President Liu presented the awards and made an important speech in which he encouraged all staff to continue to wok hard, carry forward the spirit of craftsman and overcome difficulties, so as to create more achievements in 2019. Staff are all motivated.

The wonderful performances, exciting lottery and fun games push the party to a new high. Among them, the dance well prepared by Financial and Marketing Dept. shows the vitality of young staff, and the chorus presented jointly by multiple departments shows the cooperative, united and positive quality of Shenjian staff.

With the music “unforgettable tonight” rings, the party came to the end. All staff are not willing to leave. Let’s expect next year’s gathering.

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