General Election of CPC Committee Shenjian Branch

CPC Committee Shenjian Branch held a general meeting of all party members and carried out the election of the new branch committee on July 15, 2019, presided over by Secretary Liu Zhijian.

At the beginning, all the party members watched the teaching film “original aspiration”. Secretary Liu gave a party lecture to everyone on a theme of “keep in mind the original aspiration when joining the party” and required all party members to learn frequently from the advanced party members, and recall and keep in mind everyone’s original aspiration when joining the party.

After learning the “provisional regulations on election work of CPC grass-roots organizations”, the new branch committee was successfully elected by competitive election and secret ballot in accordance with the regulations. Liu stressed that the new branch committee should continue to improve the work of party building, carry out pioneer activities, so that each party member can influence the people around and effectively play the combat fortress of the party branch and the vanguard and exemplary role of the communist party members.

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